Used to Be

Published October 31, 2020 by swankivy

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Was reading over some of my old stuff and revisiting a book I want to finish soon. But it’s written way better than I thought I could write, and I don’t know if I’m actually that good anymore. It’s weird to feel impostor syndrome inspired by your own dang past self.

Seriously, can’t this book just write itself? I don’t know if it can trust me….

3 comments on “Used to Be

  • You may already know this (in which case I’m “mansplaining”), but essential nutrients like EFAs and iodine affect this. Americans are iodine deficient since the 60’s when there was an irrational overreaction to people dying from iodine based psyche drugs. Instead of potassium iodide, processed food uses potassium bromide. Iodine is essential to brain health. Bromine is a neurotoxin. Ok, so skip the junk food. Fish, seaweed, cranberries, eggs (from healthy chickens) and more for iodine. Walnuts, fish, hemp seed, and more for EFAs.

  • Sounds like almost all the writers I’ve heard talk about the writing process. Good days/years/books. Bad days/years. Books put in a drawer for later/never. Then bam! And it flows again. Or not. Tomorrow will be better, except today was excellent.

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