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Published January 26, 2020 by swankivy

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Yeah so this literally happened to me! I make YouTube videos for activism and sometimes people don’t know I wrote a book on the topic. And once, someone commented saying they were unsubscribing because the channel had become nothing but an ad for the book. They insisted that my content had become “continual plugs” for the book. Which is bizarre because I’d literally just had someone say they didn’t realize the book existed or that I wrote it. ^___^

I checked the transcripts of my videos and I had mentioned it twice in six months.


One was an addendum to a video that was mostly about something else, mentioning that it had come out in paperback. The other was a video about my experience at a conference that was about the book’s topic, which I had attended as an author and topic expert. (The video was more than 20 minutes long. The first 3 minutes was me doing a drawing for free copies. Then after summarizing the content of the conference, I described a trip I’d taken to New York where I’d attended three awards ceremonies for awards and nominations for my book and explained what I’d won and showed the medals and certificates. In addition to discussing my trip in general. It wasn’t a video that was designed to rag people to buy the book.)

I don’t think having a theme channel and occasionally mentioning the book you’ve written on the channel’s theme is unreasonable.

This was a good while back and it still irks me that someone tried to shame me for “advertising” too much on a video I’d made in June and the last time I’d mentioned the book was in January.