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What’s It About?

Published January 31, 2013 by swankivy

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They always ask “what’s it about?” but if I actually tell them, they’re usually sorry they asked.

Long issue because this is Issue 20! The drawings representing the fictional projects are of course real examples from my work, as follows:

1. The “dream guy” story is Finding Mulligan. Frame 3 features Cassie, her other self Dia, and Mulligan, the dream guy. Frame 4 features Cassie trying to choose between Jamie the artist and Terrell the musician.

2. The “kid taking pictures of roadkill” story is Joint Custody (an incomplete MG book). Frame 5 features Bay doing his thing. Frame 6 features Marz taking pictures of Bay while Bay is taking pictures of roadkill. He is perplexed.

3. The “science fiction romance” story is Stupid Questions. Frame 7 features Nick trying to grab Summer before she flies away.

4. The “precocious fairy girl” story is Bad Fairy. Frame 8 features Delia studying.