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Published November 30, 2021 by swankivy

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Seriously, if you’re a master in every way then what are you asking me for help for?

For the record, there’s nothing wrong at all with being Not The Greatest at spelling and grammar even if you want to be a storyteller, but if you’re promising someone a polished draft, you do need to at least run the automatic spell check thingie.

Ew, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve chosen very polite words to tell someone their work is barely coherent and I get back judgy commentary on my “education” or “intelligence.” Yeah man, I think you’re gonna find it’s . . . not me. (But people like this are also prone to deciding it can’t be their fault and concluding that the entire publishing industry lacks their enlightenment, after which they’ll go on to publish independently and then blame the world at large for its poor taste when the book does not become a bestseller.)