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Published June 30, 2022 by swankivy

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In addition to writing the screenplay yourself and having no other decision-makers on board who will have any creative control, you’ll also have to direct so you can control the actors’ delivery, be the casting director, and be in charge of costuming and staging if you want the movie to be an exact cut-n-paste from your imagination. None of that is practical, but that’s not the point: my real point is that you shouldn’t make your narrative suffer so you as the author can micromanage every aspect of how the reader imagines your world and its people. Give them some freedom to imagine it themselves if a detail is not vital for some other reason, and learn to be okay with it if the picture in someone else’s mind doesn’t match yours.

That said, there’s a varying level of tolerance/preference for flowery descriptions and detail, so what one beta reader recommends about your description preferences isn’t a law or anything.