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Feel Like It

Published August 25, 2019 by swankivy

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I get like this too, kinda. But sometimes I talk to a writer who seems to . . . really not like writing, and never seems to be in the mood to do it. There are some authors who believe everything has to be ideal for them to be able to sit down and write (and, you know, then by that point they’ve kinda built it up so much that there’s a lot of pressure to perform!), but then there are others who have no such mythology; they just don’t really ever feel like doing it, but maintain that sometime soon, they will do it.

I’ve definitely been in a slump like this myself lately, with just plain not making time for the stuff I used to make time for. Different creative activities seem to be taking priority. It’s okay when that happens (though it feels weird to be away from it for so long).

I’ll get back to it . . . sometime . . . when I feel like it (or when I make myself). . . .