It’s All the Same

Published June 10, 2014 by swankivy

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I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard this one. People seem to think it makes sense that I’d want a writing job–ANY writing job–because after all, I like writing! Clearly I should like absolutely any kind of writing, even though writing for a newspaper or magazine requires a completely different skill set and provides a completely different function. No, really, guys. I’m pretty happy being an administrative assistant.

Furthermore, if you spend all your time doing a type of writing you’re not really into, chances are you’ll burn out and not WANT to do the kind you love. I would actually much rather save my word nerdery for my books. It’s not like my writing drive is satisfied as long as I’m putting words on a page. I write stories, people!


2 comments on “It’s All the Same

  • Hilarious! And very true. God — I would be so sick of writing if that’s all I did all day, for someone else! So much better when it’s a bit more special, more sacred. Stick with what ya got 🙂


  • I can totally see this. I’m an artist who works with inks or digitals, yet people assume I’m amazing at painting or pencils and suchlike too. Plus, having a very cartoony style is hard when people expect you do draw sometimes from real life.

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