9 comments on “True Happiness

  • I can relate to this one the most of any comic here! I think it must be the intense nature that many creative people have, and doesn’t end just with writing. The things we love make us crazy!

  • Ahahaha! Best laugh of the day. Thank you.

    Turns out there’s actually pretty good brain science that says we humans kinda like to torture ourselves. That’s why so many people like golf even though they’re terrible at it. Apparently.

    Glad I found you. Terrific blog.

      • I’m convinced we’re all just prisoners here, of our own device (ugh, where did THOSE lyrics suddenly pop up from?). What I MEANT was that this world is like a 3D immersive game that we’re all playing, we spirit beings who have chosen to dip into this game and have a little fun. And what fun would a game be without adversity to overcome? So, yeah, we’re all prisoners of our device. Obviously, I’m way too tired to be posting blog comments and should probably go home and go to bed now. (Also, I think you get a bigger dopamine rush when something is hard and then you overcome it, which has, almost certainly, a good evolutionary explanation so the mystical one is totally unnecessary but way more fun).

  • Is it all right if I use this comic as an image in my own blog, if I link from it to here, and use it to promote your blog, with clear ownership credit? If not, how would you prefer I handle it–just a straight link, no samples? Let me know. 🙂

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