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  • Very nice background! However, Ms. Banished’s feet are sticking through the text bubble at the end. (“Your” head sticks through a bubble in the last frame too, but that compliments the authority that comes with saying “get out of my house”, where as the feet sticking through seems to undermine it)

    It’s also a tad cramped with the big words, since there are smaller details it feels like they kind of get in the way.

    This one is a good comic, I just have minor criticisms.

    • Since you framed it as “however,” I’m assuming you consider her feet on the talk bubble a negative and may be implying that it was unintentional. (It wasn’t.) If you disliked it that’s cool with me, but I disagree that it undermines anything.

      As for “there are smaller details” as a way of criticizing big words, I don’t know what that means at all. But I try to make the text as big as I can balanced with what needs to be said, because in the various places I post these, they sometimes get scaled down quite a bit, and I want them to stay readable.

      • I see. Well then the size of the text makes perfect sense. What I meant was the background seems to just have smaller details, and the big words seemed to get in the way of them (more than necessary, since the words were readable without being that big). It was just a minor thing. Hope that explains it.

        As for the feet, I was just looking too far into it at the time I suppose, because I don’t really see it as undermining now. (Guess bad moods make me weird…). Yes, I thought it was unintentional, as I haven’t seen a comic with something like that before.

        • On backgrounds, I’m kind of famously bad with them in my other webcomic, so in this one I have been drawing a few separately from the characters and using them as a back layer. This is the second time I’ve used this one in a comic. I figured if I was going to reuse them, I should draw them in detail the first time.

          And regarding the feet, her feet are actually on top of the bubble in the first frame and the last. I like to leave as much of the art as I can if it doesn’t obstruct anything (but in the second frame her feet would have been in the way of the words, so I erased them). I particularly liked the way her feet came out in this drawing so I left them in when I could. I’m not usually that great at drawing feet.

  • Just found your web comic & I adore it! Thanks for your hard work. I very much relate to all your stories about writers & nonwriters. 😉 Now I’m off to read your thoughts on the Inheritance Cycle as I’m pretty sure we feel the exact same way about them!

  • Hello, SwankIvy — I just happened upon your site while passing time on OKCupid… And I have become very, very favourably impressed! I enjoyed watching you doing the DDR exercise, and I actually wound up reading a good deal of the information on your website (e.g. recipes, dealing with troublesome would-be suitors, your asexuality preference, and much of your philosophy. I liked it a LOT. So much so that I wanted to let you know of my appreciation, yea, even admiration, for your unique writings, drawings and more.
    You GO girl! (if you’ll pardon the use of the word “girl…”). Keep up the good work!!
    Oh, if you wouldn’t mind — could you let me know a little about your name, “SWANKIVY?” Merci!

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