Just Jealous

Published June 11, 2012 by swankivy

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I’m afraid I get this pretty frequently because I’m an outspoken critic of the Inheritance Cycle.  Either I should shut up because I clearly don’t know how hard it is to write a book, or I’m jealous of someone whose work I find flawed and unimpressive.  Couldn’t be that I actually made valid points!  So yes, critics of the critics, assign me attitudes as empty as your own if you can’t be bothered to counter my points. . . .

6 comments on “Just Jealous

  • Ugh, the dreaded “You’re not as good as (insert crap book here)!” I loathe those emails. (Says the girl blowing her budget for a month to go see Paolini. Sigh.)

    I’ve read all the comics so far and every single one has made me laugh and go “So true!” Definitely keeping it on my ‘must read’ list!

  • You hate the Eragon series? Why? *reads your reviews* Oh, because you’re super petty. Okay. My God, I haven’t seen nits this finely picked by anyone, not Twilight haters who haven’t even read Twilight, nor my phd seeking ex reading Animorphs. Like dang nitpicking skills this fine, you could pioneer the field of nitharvesting. I might save this page just to use as a example piece for the blessed friend who has yet to learn of the word.

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