Another Language

Published June 12, 2012 by swankivy

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Sorry, non-writer-type people.  Sometimes we really do speak another language, and when we get excited about it, we sometimes accidentally leave you out. 🙂

This strip features a cameo from Ronni, whose image I borrowed (with permission!) ’cause I needed a writer friend to banter with.  Though she is a real friend of mine, this specific conversation did not actually happen.  But we talk about writing a lot, and we have edited each other’s work and supported each other through all the ups and downs of this life of weirdness. 🙂

The other person featured in the strip is not a real person.  But I’m sure people like her probably get frustrated with us.

If you want to know what all those terms we’re throwing around are, though, ask a writer.  😀

10 comments on “Another Language

    • Glad you liked how it came out. Even though when I used my usual color filters you seem to have turned orange (and the nameless girl turned bright pink) so I had to do annoying things to fix it. I swear I am not trying to suggest you secretly use spray tan.

  • As a curiosity, does YA mean “young adult”? And, if so, does that mean many of the others are also genre related? Outside of POV and “protag”, those aren’t so foreign to me.

    • Plotting out your story so you know what’s going to be written before you write it versus just… writing by the seat of your pants and seeing what happens as it happens.

      I’m a pantser who plots on occasion.

  • I can’t wait until your first novel is published, beuscae I can’t wait to read it.Like you, I’m both. Maybe I should just accept that. After graduating SHU, I felt like I couldn’t write unless I had a firm outline in place, that’s been yet another excuse for not doing jack. 🙂

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