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  • There are several parts to “self-publishing” – printing, editorial review, and marketing.

    The printing part is really quite efficient and handy for small runs. But coming up with that print ready PDF to submit to the print queue for the book printer is another story. I did it myself – but with print runs between 2 and 10 copies, it wasn’t too disappointing to find all the typos and other mistakes. I just chose a copy to markup for the next edition.

    The “self-publish” printers I evaluated also offered “self-publishing services” – which is the editorial review and marketing. The people who bought these services had a lot of complaints – to the point that it seems like the full-service “self publishing” offerings are the scam. 🙂

    The marketing services are also quite lackluster from what I read by those who bought them – probably because the company has nothing at stake other than a disappointed customer. A traditional publisher is highly motivated to sell a book once they invested in it.

    But the on-demand printing is as slick as a whistle, and I highly recommend it for small runs or on-demand applications.

  • One step further – I’ve been getting spam from outfits (with “ghostwriter” in the name) wanting to *write* the book for me, as well as edit, market, and print. All for the low, low price of …

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