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It’s probably not worth trying to understand why writers do the “research” they do.  It’s likely it won’t make any sense outside their heads, so you’re better off not asking them to explain it to you.

My college roommate John, on whom this toon is based, clearly understood that.  He knew when to just walk away and not interrogate his roommate as to why she was sitting on the fridge.  Though he is a theatre geek and not really a writing nerd, creative types usually get this sort of thing about each other.  He is now a successful producer.

The events depicted in this comic are in fact based on reality and there is photographic evidence.  I frequently ate my breakfast while sitting on the fridge because it was something one of my characters liked to do.  My roommates learned to ignore it.  (Don’t ask what was going on with my early college hairstyle.  That was unrelated to my writing.)

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  • Writing: rationalized eccentricity through textual manipulation. Or something like that :b I really like these, btw. Very manga-esque, super-deformed and such.

  • OMG this made me laugh, because this morning I was out in the middle of the road at 6.00, stargazing, freezing cold despite cat-themed pyjamas and ski-jacket – all in the name of research.

    The things writers do…

  • i think it’s a good idea to do research on what you’re writing, if there’s something you can do to understand how your character feels then why not.
    it reminds me there was some LJ community where writers asked other writers what it would feel like or how a character might think/experience etc in their opinion and if they have gone through that and knows how it would feel or just guessing sometimes, i can’t remember the name of the community *maybe* something ‘muse’ at the end of it, might have told you before, wish i could remember the name of the community but if you look around in writing interests on there you might find it.

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